Vortex Drop Shaft Back

  • Specifically designed to minimize erosion and damage of your expensive structures.
  • Has specially designed air intake component (Air Switch)that enables air to be continually drawn through the downdraft as flows spiral down the drop pipe ensuring that air is entrained in the wastewater to oxidize odorous gases thereby preventing the release of noxious gases that would otherwise cause odor and corrosion problems.
  • Can often be easily retrofitted into an existing chamber and its integrated access and small pipe sizes reduce excavation cost.
  • Traditional vortex drop shaft designs require an air core to operate safely and prevent damages associated with water hammer.
  • No auxillary air and/or maintenance shafts needed
  • No requirement to keep an air core within the drop pipes so pipe sizes are significantly reduced
  •  Safe, controlled, efficient
  • Self-activating with no moving parts
  • Flows in excess of 5,000 L/s in a single pipe
  • A multiple pipe arrangement can accommodate higher flow rates
  • Vertical drops in excess of 100 m